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Raytown Property Management

We can Help Manage Your Raytown Rental Property

Raytown Property Management

We currently manage rental property in all areas of the Raytown Metropolitan area. We are comprised of professionals who market, lease, move in tenants, collect rent, handle maintenance, make ready and rehab. We provide monthly reports to owners; move tenants out, and provide all aspects of full turnkey services.

Full Service Leasing and Management

If you are a true investor, have never managed a home, are not familiar with the Landlord Tenant Laws, or just don’t have the time to do it, than this is the program for you. It is our most popular option.

Your investment is not just about a building - Rent Robin understands that Management is about People and it is always CHALLENGING!

We exercise constant adherence to the law, the lease, all while providing excellent customer service, and we do it exceptionally well. Our primary job is:

MANAGEMENT, which means:

24/7 availability, Tenants expect repairs to be made yesterday and the law mandates we respond quickly. We have the vendors available to handle emergencies, maintenance, make ready, rehabs, and renovations. We manage, pre-screen, and oversee this process with all of our vendors. We are also able to manage utilities between tenants.

MONEY, which means:

  • Depositing Rent into an Owner account that is open to the states for Audit
  • Depositing Security Deposit into an Escrow account that is open to the states for Audit
  • Disbursing Money to Owners on the 15th. of every month
  • Internal Auditing Systems by a Certified CPA
  • Year End Reporting/1099
  • Rehab, Remodel, Renovation Proposals

INSURANCE, which means:

General Liability, Workers’ Comp., E&O

All Property Managers Are NOT the same, and we work hard every day to be the company that Owners, and Tenants respect, and can count on. Our experience and your goals are the perfect formula for SUCCESS!

Pre-Marketing Services

  • We review market condition in the KC Metro area, and provide you with an up to date market analysis. You can then make an informed decision about pricing your home for rent
  • We advise our clients on preparing your home for today's rental market, so that they receive the most benefit from their investment.


  • All our Current Marketing Internet Sites
  • MLS
  • Flyers
  • Professional Real Estate Signs
  • Professional Home Showing Services with Feedback


  • Pull Credit
  • Verify Employment & Proof of Income
  • Confirm Rental History

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We have invested in and developed tools, systems and experience to make your investment more lucrative and less stressful.

Full Service Property Management Fees

  • 7%-10% of Monthly Collected Rent
  • $150 Renewal fee per year for Renewing Leases
  • Exact Quotes Provided
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Working for You In the Raytown Rental, Leasing, Management World: Jackson, Johnson, Cass, Clay and Wyandotte County Specialists

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Raytown Area Information

Raytown Property Managers

The area where Raytown now lies was developed throughout the 19th century and early 20th century as pioneers moved westward along the Three Trails in search of available fertile lands and water. It was added to the state of Missouri at a cost of $800 by a treaty signed in 1826. Jackson County, named after President Andrew Jackson, was formed in 1827. A large area of the county, Township 49, was accidentally not offered for sale when the other townships were, and so was called "The Lost Township". People moved into the township and squatted until the township was surveyed and the land sold in 1843.

The pioneers and travelers moving westward down the Three Trails discovered an area of high, wooded ridges, in the Raytown area, that reminded them of their former homes in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The land was named Blue Ridge, with the bordering bodies of waters called the Big Blue and the Little Blue rivers.

The Rice-Tremonti Home, which still stands in Raytown today, was built on the Santa Fe Trail in 1844 by Archibald Rice and his family.

In 1860, residents of Jackson County petitioned the county for a better road to connect southern Jackson County with Independence in northern Jackson County. The result was Raytown Road, which led north from High Grove Road, crossed the Little Blue River at the "rockford" (now inundated by Longview Lake) and joined the Santa Fe Trail at William Ray's blacksmith shop. Many portions of the original Raytown Road still are used today.

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