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Tenant Resources

Resources for Current & Prospective Tenants

If you are in the market for your perfect rental home, you have come to the right place. As a prospective tenant, we can help you through the process of finding and applying for the home of your dreams. Once you are a resident, we have a suite of tools to make your rental experience the best it can be.

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The following article provides useful information and is a great place to start if you're considering renting a home.

» 10 Tips for Renters

Please take a few minutes to review the information below. Many of the questions you may have are answered there, but if not, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Deposit Procedures +

A deposit equal to one month's rent will normally be collected once your application has been accepted. It is possible the deposit could be more or less depending upon your needs, and the owner’s request, but we will always let you know exactly how much the deposit is for any property.

Properties will always remain listed as available to any interested parties and applications will continue to be accepted for review until Rent Robin Management Services receives the full deposit required, and all issues in regards to inspections and rental value have been agreed upon. This is true even if your application has been accepted.

The Deposit Will Become Non-Refundable upon receipt by Rent Robin Management Services.

Please be certain this is the right property and decision for you before reserving your new home with a deposit.

Rent Robin and the owner have made a commitment when the deposit is tendered to reserve this home for you. If you decide AT ANY TIME after Rent Robin management company receives your deposit to not proceed with your lease, YOUR DEPOSIT WILL BE FORFEITED. These funds will be used to cover the costs incurred by the owner and Rent Robin Management Services Inc. However, if there is a material change in your Offer to Rent, and/or Lease terms, the Landlord reserves the right to rescind your Offer To Rent Acceptance, and your Security Deposit will be returned to you.

Home Up-Keep +

MOST IMPORTANTLY!! We want to hear from you if there are any issues that require a qualified maintenance/repair person to come to your home. Some of the issues that can cause major damage, and headaches for you are:

Water leakage - under sinks, and toilets, and roofs

Heating, Air Conditioning and Hot Water Systems - If these are not functioning correctly please let us know immediately. However, please check with your utility companies first to make sure the problem is mechanical. If we send a repair person, but the system is functioning correctly, and the problem was with billing, we will charge you the cost of the trip and diagnosis.

The items Tenants are responsible for are listed below:

  1. Keeping the home clean.
  2. If there is a yard, and the tenant is responsible per the lease, you will be expected to keep the yard mowed, trimmed, and watered during the spring/summer/fall months. Leaves must be raked and removed. Branches/Limbs/Lawn Clippings must not be left anywhere in the yard.
  3. Replacing all light bulbs.
  4. Checking and Replacing Smoke Alarm Batteries.
  5. Replacing Furnace filters at least every 3 months.
  6. Insect and Rodent control.
  7. Disposal of All Toxic Waste.
  8. Removal of all Trash
  9. Removal of all Holiday Decorations within 3 weeks of the calendar date of the Holiday.
  10. Any Accidental Damage Caused by the Tenant.

We reserve the right to conduct interior inspections with written notice to the tenant. If we find tenant lease violations the tenant will be notified in writing of the needed corrections and another inspection will be scheduled. If it is determined during the second interior inspection that there continues to be lease violations, monthly inspections will be scheduled for a minimum of three additional months at a cost of $75.00 per inspection charged to the tenant. It is also possible the lease may be canceled. We are serious about the responsibility of keeping a safe, comfortable home for you and the owner.

Utility Procedures +

It can get very COLD and very HOT is this area of the country, so please don't put off having the utilities in your name by the day you take possession of your new home. Unless you have made previous arrangements with the owner as part of your lease, the utilities will be turned off within 24 hours of your move-in date.

We will request your utility confirmations transfer numbers by the day of your move in.

Below you will find the contact information for most of the available utilities for our area.

Johnson County Utilities

Wyandotte County Utilities

Jackson County Utilities

When is Rent Due? +

Rent is expected by the FIRST day of each month. The rent you pay may be used to pay mortgages, repairs, maintenance, and possibly utilities. As you can see, receiving the rent in a timely manner is extremely important!

Rent will be considered late and late fees will apply by the 5th day of each month, per your lease. If you pay by check and a check is returned to us as insufficient, we will expect all payments for rent for a minimum of one year to be paid by certified funds.

If we receive a call by the 3rd day of any month requesting a late fee deferral, your request will be considered, and a plan may be arranged, but only with the owner’s approval.

Renting With Pets +

If you have a loved pet please let us know in your offer to rent; what kind, how many, the weight and age, and we will present this information to the owner for pre-approval. You must provide a recent picture of any pet.

Any breed identified by insurance companies as aggressive, or listed on the Center for Disease Control as vicious may require pre-paid insurance, if accepted. PLEASE Be Aware That Owners Control/Decide What Constitutes Allowable Pets, And OFTEN deny applications that include over 2 pets OF ANY KIND, and any Pets Listed As Aggressive or Vicious. All accepted pets will require additional pet security deposits.

Pets in your home not identified in the offer to rent will be considered a breach of the lease. Please let us know before you get a new pet, so that we can get approval from the owner.

Early Lease Break +

If you find yourself in a situation that requires you to break your lease, please let us know your intent as soon as possible. We must receive WRITTEN Notice of Intent that you will be leaving 60 days before the end of your lease. You could be responsible through the entire term of your lease, unless we are able to re-lease the property; so as you can see, the sooner we are able to find a new tenant for the property, the sooner everyone can move ahead positively. We will inspect the property at the time of your notification, and offer suggestions for getting the property ready for showings to new potential tenants. Everyone will benefit in a quick turnaround!

Move Out Procedures +

When the time comes for you to make a change, we hope you will keep in mind the many services we provide that could make this the perfect move.

Rent Robin Services offers Buyer Agency Services if you are ready for a home purchase. Since you have been a tenant with us, we offer this service at a discount that could make a big difference in a quality buying experience. The timing for your move can be easily handled, and coordinated.

We can also help with lending, and insurance referrals.

If you are moving out of town, we may be able to help you find a Professional Realtor in your new home town.

Before you make this exciting change, we need to make sure the move out process goes smoothly.

Please give us written notice 60 days before you anticipate you will not renew your current lease.

Contact us for a list of moving supplies we offer. We will need at least 2 weeks to make sure the items are available and delivered to your door.

Two weeks before your move, please contact us to schedule your move out inspection. This will take place when all of your belongings are removed, and the residence is clean and restored to the same condition it was when you moved in.

Please contact us about your utility arrangements and the dates you will disconnect. Excessive cold and heat could cause damage you would be responsible for if we are uninformed.

Please make sure we have your forwarding address.

After your inspection, and within 30 days, you will receive your security deposit and a complete accounting statement.

We want to wish you the best in your new home, and hope you have enjoyed your stay with us!

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